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After School and Pro-D Day Combo Camps

We will be running a Pro-D day program on the 3rd and 4th of September for Grade 1 and up. It will be $65 and will include a pick up from Spring Creek and Myrtle Phillip on the 4th of September at 9.30am. Please bring bike, bike gear, camel back with a snack, lunch and swim gear. Pick up will be at the old BOUNCE by 6pm on both days. Registration can be found on the website under Pro-D Day Combo (full or half day).

We will also be running a Kindergarten Camp before Kindergarten starts full days on the 12th of September. Please see calendar for details for each school.

We are also offering After School Combo Camp with school pick ups at both Spring Creek and Myrtle Phillip. Please click here to view schedule of activities for April, May and June.

Please make sure to pack pm snack, rain gear (when needed) and appropriate footwear. Pick up will be 6pm at 1055 Millar Creek Road (formerly Bounce).