An Update on the Summer 2020 Combo Season

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We miss our Combo Campers and families very much and we hope you are all keeping safe and healthy.

Although there remains a great deal of uncertainty, our Combo Camps team is busy planning for the upcoming summer camp season. We are putting together several different action plans for any scenarios we may face as a community, and our primary focus is to be fully prepared to provide fun, safe programming for Combo Camp families when the time comes.

As of today, our registration is open for the original start date of June 17th. We will continue to monitor the provincial and local government safety guidelines/ recommendations and will communicate with you on a regular basis on the status of Combo Camps as summer approaches. 

The safety and well being of Combo Campers and our coaches will always be our number one priority. All future safety protocols and procedures will be strictly adhered to and followed by our well trained and experienced team of Combo Camp/WRC directors and coaches.

As soon as there is a safe way to continue the Combo Camp tradition, we will be ready. Please take care and be safe. 

We hope to see you all, VERY soon! 

All the best,

Jamie, Olly and the Combo Camps Team 

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  • Best thing i’ve seen another mom do…is put her own hand sanitizing mixture in a spray bottle for the kids, she just sprays it on their hands and they wash their hands that way. Hope to see you guys in June.

    Jess on

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