About Us

We are about creating the best day ever, over and over again.

Combo Camps popular kids line up includes Spring, Summer and Fall programs for Kiddy Combo and Summer programs for Kids Combo and Leadership Camps. 

These dynamic programs offer an unrivalled combination of well-coached sports development and skills training with fun, action-packed mountain-life activities!

Whistler adventures await you and your whole family!

Meet The Team

Our team of highly trained coaches and leaders are goofballs at heart.

Get to know us

Our history, from founder Jamie Grant

I was a classic Ontario camper. I never forgot the unique combinations and choice they provided campers. I “majored” in tennis and “minored” in afternoon sports like windsurfing, water-skiing and kayaking. I worked hard at tennis in the morning knowing the fun watersports activities on the other side. I always remembered that unique and fun combination and always wanted to offer the same if I ever got the chance.

The idea of Combo Camps was born and I started a camp that included morning sports and lake activities in the afternoon. The full summer camp experience was added to the sports training aspect of the camp, embracing the Combo in Combo Camps!

We started with Bike and Tennis Combo Camps using the template of a “major” sport in the morning with fun paddlesports in the afternoon. These camps proved so popular we now have many unique Combo Camps to choose from. Every Kids Combo Camp includes our ever expanding paddlesport program in the afternoon on Whistler’s beautiful lakes.

In 2017 we started Kiddy Combo Camp catering to our youngest campers focusing on our core sport of biking for all abilities with at least two afternoons on the water per week. 

My dream came true; Combo Camps get to provide kids with the same legendary summer camp experience that I had!