Frequently asked questions

Kids combo camps

Please ensure your kids come prepared for their adventure!

1. What items does a parent need to pack for ANY of the Kids Combo Camps?

• Swimwear and towel.
• Sunblock.
• Packed lunch, snacks.
• Water bottle/camel pack.
• Weather appropriate attire for the days forecast ( rain gear, windbreakers, warm clothing when necessary ).

2. What additional items does a parent need to pack for the BIKE COMBO CAMP?

• Mountain bike with hand brakes and gears (ensure your child knows how to use both).
  Parents of younger campers please note: no training wheels or coaster brakes.
• Helmet.
• Appropriate footwear: no crocs or flip-flops.
• Spare inner tube.
• Rental bikes and helmets available hrough Affinity Renatls or Premium Renatls 

3. What additional items does a parent need to pack for the TENNIS COMBO CAMP?

• Check Bike Combo Camp requirements above.
• Tennis racquet.
• Court shoes.
• Hat, sunglasses.
• Rental tennis racquets available upon request.

4. What additional items does a parent need to pack for the SAILING COMBO CAMP?

• Hat, sunglasses.
• No flip flops: closed toe and heel shoes.

Kiddy combo camps

Some important information you need to know:

1. Does my child have to be 3 yrs old on the first day of camp?

No - but your child must turn 3 within the season you wish to sign up for.

2. Does my child have to bring lunch and can it contain nuts?

Yes, please bring a healthy packed lunch - but no nuts (or peanut butter) as we are are nut free camp.

3. Does my child have to be able to bike to join camp?

No. We love teaching kids to bike! If this is their first time, they can join our balance bike group.
If they are already ripping that's awesome and we will find a suitable group for their ability.

Leadership camps

Please see some important information below before signing up:

1. How old do Leadership camp applicants need to be?

We accept campers from 13 years to 18 years old.

2. What level of mountain biker does an applicant have to be to sign up?

We require that you are  an intermediate level mountain biker and are comfortable on blue level terrain. 

3. Can Leadership applicants work as an assistant coach during the summer when the course is complete?

Yes, we offer the opportunity for all our newly qualified coaches to be scheduled to work at kids or kiddy combo camps over the summer.